Friday, September 18, 2009

Potty Trained!!!

I can officially say it. I dont know how it happend or really what I did. She did it all on her own all at the great age of 21 months. She has really been for about 6 weeks but I had to let her go a few weeks with minimal accidents to truley say it.

I am really kind of sad it shows what a big girl she is now, I cant believe how fast time goes and how quick they grow up.

What makes Chloe... Chloe
She is very independant that is why she is already Potty trained!! Yeay
She needs to express herself and tell you whats going on therefore she has a huge vocabulary can say almost anything and also 3-4 word sentances
She never wants to sit still unless its sleeping she loves to run, jump and stomp
If you want to get a giggle play the "its my blanket game"
Her favorite item is the stinky purple monster (aka Blanket)
She loves people she gets so excited to see new people and meet them especially in resturants.
Everyone is her friend unless your uncle Micah then your scarey but even in time even he can be her friend. (Love ya Micah)
She loves to brush her teeth, she can brush her teeth all day long and it wont be enough.
Bath time is her swimming time, she practices her kicking and breath holding
Now can even put bowes in her hair
She hates her picture taken, she can be playing and happy, get out the camera and she frowns..go figure

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What is Gluten anyway?

So after a year and a half of trying to figure out what is wrong with me, we have finally figured out its Gluten. For those that have seen me I have a slightly abnormal babypooch that is really not comprised of much fat. Ok so I really look pregnant still and get many comments about it. The dr's said oh you just need to diet and exercise and the muscles will pull back together and you will be good as new. Well I did that got to prepregnancy weight and the belly is still there and not only that it is hard. This is not a normal post baby belly I knew something was not right. Even through the pregnancy I looked like I was carrying triplets.

Having gone from a personal trainer to looking 6 months pregnant all year long was so devistating. The only other answer I got from a dr. was surgery but that would mean no more kids because they would have to sew up my abdominal muscles. So I had just resinged myself to wearing a belly band and living with it until I was done having kids.

Then one day my wonderful husband came home from work talking about a conversation he had with another guy at work. He had said that guys wife had never had kids and looked about 5 months pregnant until they figured out it is a wheat.gluten allergy. That after she stopped eating food with gluten in it as soon as 3 weeks it had reduced in size dramaticlly.

So curious myself I googled gluten allergy and celiac disease I realized I had many of the symptoms. The only way to diagnose it is to either A. eat the gluten heavy for 6 weeks and feel miserable to have the dr's tell me to quit eating it. or B. stop eating it. I chose b. Since I have eliminated foods with gluten or wheat I feel a hundred times better. I never realized how bloated and uncomfortable I felt. I had gone almost 3 weeks until the other night I caved and had pizza. I have never felt more sick and uncomfortable and thus proving to myself it really is the gluten allergy. The good news is that my belly is softening up and slowly reducing in size who knew it was a food allergy all along! Yeay!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daddy can we keep her?

A few days ago this little black lab showed up around the farm. It mostly followed these little rat dogs that live down the road until she found Chloe. This is the sweetest dog I have ever been around. All she wants to do is sit next to you and follow you when you go for a walk or ride the quad. She lovingly puts up with Chloe pulling her ears and riding her like a horse. She has two names puppy and horsie. I am still torn on a real name for her either lucy or bella. Any suggestions are welcomed.

The great thing about her is she sleeps by the door and at night we can hear her chasing off coyotes, javalina and best of all the 50 million cats that used to hang around here.

The other plus is she follows Chloe everywhere and if we cant find her we know to look for the dog and she isnt far from it.

My Big Girl!

After many days of frustration of dealing with Chloe trying to climb in and out of her crib I decided to try to take the crib wall down and put on the toddler rail. Much to my surprise it was better than Christmas, this kid was so happy she was big and could get in and out by herself. If only I knew this was all it took to get her to play in her room I would have done it much sooner.

This is her very first nap in her big bed.
So far I have learned a few lessons in this big change
Lesson #1- do not attempt to go out of the house out of ear shot when you think your child is sleeping. I came to find her wide awake washing her favorite blanket in the toilet.
Lesson #2- Keep toilet lid closed
Lesson #3- Always remember she can walk out of her room when you think you are all by yourself she will creep up on you and scare you to death.
Lesson #4- Check in once in a while you may find her upside down hanging out of the bed while fast asleep.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

He's Done!

Seven years ago when I met Brett I never in my wildest dreams would have pictured him as a correctional officer. Well these days anything is possible. For the past 9 weeks he has been in Tucson in training meanwhile leaving me home on the farm during the week. It went by faster than I thought and it is so good to have him home again. Well somewhat, since he is on graveyards now I still freakout when he comes home in the morning and I think he is a burgler.

Chloe was so excited to see her Daddy across the room she kept yelling "daddy, daddy!!" It was so cute, and many came over afterward jealous that their kid didn't do it for them.

Brett is now very excited to be at home and have a stable job and be able to focus alot on the things he has been wanting to do. So far we already have planted a huge garden and its only one of the few he has planned on doing. He has also started helping out with the highschool tennis team in the afternoons.

Chloe is really starting to love it here, she loves being outside and we have to sit on the steps in the front yard and have lunch every day. She is also starting to get the hang of her little bikes and fourwheeler and can play for hours riding around the yard.

I on the other hand havent figured out what else to do besides cleaning and taking care of Chloe while trying to be quiet for Brett. I will hopefully get the hang of it and hopefully get to settle down in to a routine schedule now that we will be home more often.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Been a while.....

Ok so it has been a while since I have gotten on and checked what everyone was up to. As well and say what I have been up to. Well things have been little hectic lately. During the week I am a single parent to the most curious and hyper 1 year old. This house we are in is very small so we get outside as much as possible. Brett has gotten a job with the department of corrections and is currently in training in Tucson. The training is 8 weeks and we are in week 4. So wahoo almost done!

Things have been good, Christmas was different Brett didnt get off in time for us to meet with his family for Christmas eve in Mesa so we stayed here in Duncan and visited with his Uncle and their family. It was nice to get to know some more of his side of the family. Since Brett has been gone so much it was nice just to hang out and play. It is very heart breaking to hear Chloe cry daddy and even sweeter when he comes home and she doesnt get far from him when he is here. She is such a Daddy's girl.

So some of you may ask, what do you do in Duncan??Well let me tell you the highlights.
7am. Wake up to see how cold it is. Feed Chloe, pick up toys, chase Chloe
8am. Dora the explorer, check to see if it has gotten any warmner, pick up toys, chase Chloe.
9am Chloe bath, take off a sweater warmed up a few degrees, pick up more toys, chase Chloe.
10am Chloe nap, breath relief, hit the treadmill, pick up toys, shower
1pm Chloe wakes up, pick up toys, feed lunch, pick up toys, chase Chloe
2pm. Finally warm enough to go outside, hop on 4wheeler feed chickens, chase chloe outside,
4pm, Another nap for chloe, pick up toys, check email, watch tv
6 pm, Chloe wakes up,feed dinner, pick up toys,chase chloe, another bath required for Chloe after her fall in chicken poo or mud or who knows what. pick up toys again
8 pm, Bedtime, chase chloe to get in pajamas, trip over toys who cares to pick them up anymore, wrestle chloe to get in pajamas, give up the bottoms are warm enough.
8:30 pm..silence, watch tv. give in to picking up the toys. Put on a sweater its getting cold.
2 crying she's cold, should have finished putting on the warm pajamas. Warm her up put her back to bed.

So as you can tell I keep pretty busy but its colder than I am used to. And much quieter. I love the open space but in reality I really miss Mesa. But we are doing good, I am so glad Shaffen and Misty live in Thatcher for me to bug and hang out at their place. Without them I would have no sanity left. Plus Chloe would go crazy with no boys to chase around.

Yeay Snow. Chloe got to be in her first snow storm. She didnt like the cold wet part of it.

She hated Santa, couldnt blame her. Stood in line for an hour to be sat on some strange guys lap that says ho,ho ho..Yeah I would cry too.

She has picked up a bad habit of drinking and driving.
She got a motorized 4wheeler for her birthday. Her thumb isnt strong enough to make it go but loves to hang out on it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Family Pictures

So Chloe is a year old now and we just did some family pictures. Thank goodness my sister in law is learning photography so we can get some unique pictures done. These are just a few.